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AcroCare invites applications from individuals, Hospitals, Pharma Companies to join our hands for World Mental Health Day. For further details e-mail us at
AcroCare launches Primary Health Care Initiative Phase III in August 2015.

Welcome to AcroCare

AcroCare Welfare Association has been founded by the intellectual and professional group of people including engineers, doctors, IT professionals, and the people belonging to each and every aspect of life; especially young generation of the Pakistan for the care of humanity in 2008.

To spell out the vision of a healthy and wealthy , wise and literate nation. And to focus on the long neglected aspirations of our people for the different sectors of life and we look to the future with hope and confidence as we set Pakistan on course to health and education stability, social harmony, and economic prosperity for all.

Conceptual Infancy Stage To A Challenger 2008 – 2014

Through the year from concept to the challenges AcroCare has focused on neglected aspirations of the people from the different sectors of life and has spell out the vision and mission of a healthy & wealthy, wise & literate nation.

The AcroCare is not merely a Welfare Association; it is a broad based movement that Embraces all the sectors of life including Health, Education, Social, Economic interests of all Pakistanis. AcroCare is determinant to provide a credible ways to improve basic health, education, social and economic facilities available to everyone living in Pakistan on very economical costs or free; through building a new bond of trust between the government and the people.


Our Projects


AcroCare Contributed its role

in the Country’s Primary Heath




AcroCare believes that standard

of Education in the Country

should be same in both

Public & Private Sector. 



AcroCare to launch its

low cost housing

schemes in Pakistan. 



To eradicate the poverty

AcroCare is contributing its role.